For the Cause of Christ Ministries

For the Cause of Christ Ministries is a global ministry focused on training and equipping international pastors and leaders for Christian service. We are missionaries with Elim Fellowship, a Christ-centered worldwide revival fellowship, and are seconded to serve with Leadership Training International (LTI).

With 30 years of ministry experience and travel to 17 nations, our mission, vision, and life’s work is to empower, equip, and encourage international pastors and leaders for effective ministerial leadership. What a privilege to be part of what God is doing among the nations!

Rev. Terry and Lianne Nutter

Terry enjoys preaching and teaching God’s Word. As a graduate of Northpoint Bible College and Regent University, he holds a Master of Arts degree in Practical Theology with an emphasis in World Missions. Terry serves as the International Manager for LTI. He is a faithful servant, devoted husband, and loving father.

Lianne is a graduate of Northpoint Bible College. She has a passion for God’s Word, teaching, health and fitness, and family life with three grown children. Lianne works alongside her loving husband in training and administrative roles.

After answering the call of God to be missionaries for Jesus, the Nutters were commissioned to train and multiply national leaders. Having served as missionaries for 19 years they now oversee and launch leadership training institutes worldwide.


For many years we have been closely connected with Elim Fellowship ( and Leadership Training International ( We are grateful for the support, accountability, and leadership these ministries have provided!